I've taken particular notice recently of the aggressive push from vendors like IBM pushing Hybrid Cloud Solutions. IBM has put significant marketing dollars explaining how the Red Hat OpenShift container platform can offer hybrid cloud solutions.  Google has Anthos and Azure has Arc,  both solutions provide hybrid cloud solutions.

When Andy Jasse recently announced ECS anywhere, I immediately recognized that this solution is how AWS intends to compete in the hybrid container space.  Amazon ECS will be available in 2021, It allows customers to deploy ECS task in any environment. Last year, AWS  Outposts which allows AWS custom hardware to be installed in Data Centers became available.  And they have continued building on that type of "hardware based" hybrid environment solutions with new outpost options announced this year. ECS anywhere allows for application extension into other clouds or datacenters using containers. ECS anywhere allows the ECS control plan to run task on non-AWS managed infrastructure.

The cloud continues evolving at a rapid clip. This extension of Amazon ECS provides developers a ton of options when deploying applications.  You can have resources running on multiple public clouds or even private cloud resources...

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