About Amazon S3

S3 provides a platform for storage of data in the form of objects. This is one of Amazon Web Services (AWS) first services. The object storage enables corporations to store, analyse and retrieve large data from different platforms such as websites, mobile apps, customized company applications among other devices. The S3 store the objects in resources known as buckets. In a single bucket, you can store numerous objects, and at the same time you can write or delete an object in a bucket.

Access Management with S3 

S3 allows you to control the access of a bucket. For instance, you can manage the responsibility of creation, deletion or retrieval of objects within a bucket. Additionally, you can view the access logs of the bucket or the objects. It also allows the users to choose an AWS region for storage of a bucket which will enhance the optimization and minimize costs. 

Benefits of using Amazon S3

Simple to Use

S3 serves as a unique storage platform. It is designed and built to simplify functions. S3 is a cost-effective platform to store and transfer data in or out to third-party networks.

Enhances Security

S3 supports the transfer of data on SSL. It also enables automatic encryption of data upon the completion of uploading. Importantly, it allows you to configure policies which will manage permissions grant to an object. It allows you to control the access to valuable information by utilizing AWS Identity.You can also monitor who is accessing data and obtain information such as the location of access, time and device accessing the platform. S3 offers mechanisms such as VPC endpoints which allow the creation of secure connections. 

Reliable and Durable Data Storage

Amazon S3 offers robust infrastructure for the storage of crucial information. It is designed to provide 99.999 percent durability for the objects. In addition to strength, S3 is reliable since it stores data across different devices and facilities to improve data accessibility. S3 is available in various regions across the globe. It allows geographical redundancy per region. You can also replicate S3 across areas. 


S3 is easy to integrate with other services available on AWS. You can directly embed S3 with security platforms such as KMS or IAM, alerting services such as Event Notifications, databases including Redshift and EMR, and computing platforms such as Lambda. 


Costs can grow or reduce depending on demand and S3 allow implementation in few minutes. 

Migration of Data from Cloud

S3 provides a platform for you to transfer data to the cloud and out.

S3 is extremely durable (providing up to 99.999999999% durability), as well as highly scalable and available object storage. It is quite versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as backups, disaster recovery, analytics, archiving, or as a hybrid cloud storage solution.

Enable extreme availability utilize Amazon Web Services S3.

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