What is Amazon WorkSpaces?

  Amazon WorkSpaces provides a secure managed cloud desktop solution that allows for efficient access to applications, services, documents and databases running in Amazon's Cloud infrastructure.  Instead of running applications on local computers, it allows for those same applications to run securely via remote control in the cloud.  Amazon WorkSpaces greatly simplifies and improves data security, efficiency and compatibility!

 "In today's business environments it is common for local, national or global remote worker business requirements to drive new technology spend.  Also, employees may need access to corporate applications from iPad's or Chromebooks as part of your company's "Bring your on Device initiatives".  Meanwhile, network administrators are left scrambling to secure and backup sprawling data silos.  Amazon WorkSpaces is a solution built for the scenarios mentioned above and many more!  For example, Amazon Workspaces could even be utilized to run graphics-intensive desktop applications securely in the cloud!"


Improves remote data access security and regulation compliance


Allows for fast desktop updates via desktop cloning. Connectivity is much faster and less bandwidth-intensive than a typical VPN only access solution


Runs on Windows, Mac, Android Tablets, Chromebooks, iPads and Fire Tablets

Millions of businesses and government agencies utilize AWS  cloud solutions.

Join us to gain cost efficiencies from this massive economy of scale!

How can BeCloud help?

    Becloud is an AWS Certified Partner,  we bring hardware, software, cloud solutions, and services together to provide a complete "Desktop to Cloud" solution that solves business problems and dramatically improves IT investment performance.  We manage customer solutions utilizing AWS in the Medical, Legal, Engineering and Professional Services verticals.  Our certified cloud architects are standing by to help architect your next "Desktop to Cloud" solution based on the AWS cloud framework. 

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    Amazon's WorkSpaces solutions can dramatically improve business agility by allowing for desktop standardization, quick application rollouts, and the AWS "pay as you go", financial model. BeCloud decreases technical debt and further enhances technology effectiveness by optimizing AWS WorkSpace configurations while at the same time improving reliability through our managed services. BeCloud's addon services are a necessity to ensure against insecure access, decrease costly business interruptions, and true digital transformation realization!