AWS Amplify is a culmination of tools and services used individually or jointly to aid front-end web and mobile developers to build full stack applications that are scalable and powered by AWS. This allows developers to configure the backend pieces of their apps in mere minutes and deploy static web apps in just a few simple clicks. 

AWS Amplify was launched in November 2018, and has since been a reliable aid for front-end web and mobile developers to develop and deploy cloud-connected web and mobile applications quickly and seamlessly. Now, this was beneficial to those who have experience with AWS fundamentals, but what about for developers and non-developers who weren't familiar with AWS? Typically, they would require training, which then slows the entire backend development process down.

Enter AWS Amplify's Admin UI, a new feature that allows team members to interface with AWS without requiring an AWS account (only the first deployment requires an AWS account). This means developers and non-developers can access the data they need to develop and manage apps more efficiently. This new feature also provides simplistic tools to create backend environments, so you don't need cloud experience to develop and deploy these crucial parts of web and mobile app development. 

Every app that uses Amplify is automatically set up with an admin UI that provides a simplistic user interface for the following:

  • Modeling data

  • Add authentication and authorization

  • Manage app content, users and groups

  • Manage the application users and content

The Admin UI offers infrastructure as code (IaC) templates that can be committed in the team repository and integrated with AWS Amplify continuous deployment workflow to manage the different environments. This means it doesn't focus on backend infrastructure too much, and rather focuses more on data types. As you create your backend resources, the admin UI generates automation templates that enable seamless integration with the Amplify CLI, which allows you to extend your app backend with additional capabilities and create multiple testing and team collaboration environments.

Pricing for using the AWS Amplify service is relatively low-cost, offering static web hosting with 1000 build minutes per month, 5GB stored per month and 15 GB served per month in their Free Tier plan and $0.01 per build minute for building and deployment, $0.023 per GB stored per month and $0.15 per GB served in their pay as you go plan. I won't go into too much detail of the math, but an example of the cost would be if your app has 300 daily active users, and the team commits code twice daily, then your monthly build and deploy charges would equal somewhere around $6.00, hosting would run around $2.00/month, bringing your total monthly charges to around $8.00/month. So, essentially the number of active users and how often your development team commits code are the major factors in pricing.