On July 1, 2020 Amazon announced AWS App2Container (A2C), a new command-line tool that helps shift and lift applications that runs in your on-premises data centers or on virtual machines, so that they run in containers that are managed by Amazon ECS or by Amazon EKS. You can use App2Container to generate container images for one or more applications running on Windows or Linux servers that are compatible with the Open Containers Initiative (OCI). You can use App2Container directly on the application servers that are running your applications, or perform the containerization and deployment steps on a worker machine. App2Container is offered at no additional charge.


There are many benefits to containerization:

  • Reduces operational overhead and infrastructure costs 

  • Increases development and deployment agility

  • Standardizes build and deployment processes across an organization 

App2Container performs the following tasks:

  • Creates an inventory list for the application server that identifies all running ASP.NET (windows) and Java applications (Linux) that are candidates to containerize

  • Analyzes the run-time dependencies of supported applications that are running, including cooperating processes and network port dependencies.

  • Extracts application artifacts for containerization and generates a Dockerfil.

  • Initiates builds for the application container.

  • Generates the AWS artifacts needed to deploy on Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS

A2C provisions, through Cloud Formation, the cloud infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines required to deploy the containerized .NET or Java application into production. With A2C, you can easily modernize your existing applications and standardize the deployment and Operations through containers.

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