AWS Lambda Edge is an extension of AWS Lambda that grants greater flexibility and low latency to distributed Lambda Functions. You can run LambdaEdge functions with Node.js and Python.

Benefits Of Lambda@Edge

  • It uses the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network to enable you to deliver function results globally.

  • You can manage your single configuration in the US and the CloudFront CDN automatically runs your function in the closest server to the user.

Use Cases of Lambda@Edge

Dynamic edge applications—you can combine Lambda@Edge with other AWS services when building applications at the network edge. 

A/B testing—you can release updates to your website while testing different versions of your website without changing the URL or redirect. 

User authorization and authentication—you can authorize and authenticate users by filtering out unauthorized requests before they reach your infrastructure. For instance, you can trigger a Lambda function to authorize each user request by calling authentication services like Amazon Cognito.

User prioritization—you can prioritize and control access to your website by routing users to different pages. For instance, you can trigger a Lambda function to prioritize paid users on your eCommerce website for surges during peak traffic. 

Website security and privacy—you can add HTTP security headers on all responses without modifying your application code. This helps improve privacy and security while delivering content at low latencies using CloudFront.

User Tracking and Analytics—you can analyze and track user activity on your website and mobile applications, including clickstream analysis.

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