On June 25,2020 AWS posted on their website a new feature that allows you to manage your AWS Identity and Access Management quotas using AWS Service Quotas. Service Quotas enables you to view and manage your quotas for AWS services from a central location. Quotas, also referred to as limits, are the maximum values for the resources, actions, and items in your AWS account. Some features of this new service include:

  • View AWS Service Quotas - Provides quick access to the AWS default quota values for your account, across all commercial Regions

  • Request a Service Quota Increase - In the console simply select the service and the specific quota, and choose Request quota increase

  • View Current Utilization - You can view a graph of your quota utilization 

  • Set Amazon Cloud Watch Alarms for Approaching Quotas - configuring Cloud Watch alarms  to monitor usage and alert you to approaching quotas 

  • Control Who Manages Service Quotas - You can attach AWS identity and Access Management (AIM) permission policies to your users, groups, and roles that grant or deny permission to manage the service quotas in your AWS account.

Each AWS service defines its quotas and establishes default values for them. Depending on your business needs, you might need to increase your service quota values. This feature of the AWS services makes it quickly to look up your available service quotas, request increases , and allow AWS administrators to view and managed their IAM quotas, effectively creating shortcuts for these processes.