AWS Fully managed SFTP service 

BeCloud is currently assisting a customer with migrating to a new EHR system.  The data migration project contains doctor correspondence, C-CDA and other HIPAA related information.  We were tasked to provide a highly secure, fast and dependable system to transfer the records.  We usually set up an EC2 instance first and then mount S3 to it. 

But due "in part" to the data migration project's compressed timelines..

We choose to give AWS Transfer for SFTP a try.  This is a fully managed service that allows for easy transfer of files directly into Amazon S3.  It seamlessly integrates with existing authentication systems and DNS routing with Amazon Route 53.  In addition, you can easily utilize AWS processing, analytics, machine learning and archiving on the imported data.

Image pulled from AWS website

In under a hour...

BeCloud had data streaming into a secure S3 bucket over SFTP for the customer in record time!  We especially liked how the service easily tied into Route 53.  Our endpoint had a custom DNS name with no extra configuration required.  We highly recommend the service and will look for opportunities to utilize the service for all our data migration, file sharing with third-parties and data lake projects!


Data Migration, file sharing and data lakes made easy with AWS.

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