BeCloud's cloud architects have noted from our conversations with executives across the U.S. that IT professionals are looking to aggressively move workloads to the cloud.   In almost every conversation, executives are seeking help in developing plans to expand or construct DevOps environments for cloud application projects.  For real-world examples of companies utilizing cloud effectively, read "The DevOpS Handbook" by Gene Kim, Patrick Debois, John Willis, and Jez Humble.  This book shows how companies are utilizing cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices to improve infrastructure agility and business performance.  I enjoyed reading how other companies are innovating and as a result Becloud made some adjustments to our services and procedures. 

    At the Amazon ReInvent Conference in Las Vegas, I was amazed at the sheer number of companies and projects represented.  We encountered AWS users from all over the world. The showcased projects and the successful application of cloud technologies were genuinely awe-inspiring. The conference further verified what we recognized, cloud adoption rates are exploding around the world. Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Etsy, Microsoft, and Netflix have demonstrated how the efficient use of cloud infrastructure can increase a company's profitability, effectiveness, and market leadership. The many success stories and case studies serve as guiding lights to companies not yet invested in DevOps and cloud infrastructure.  Business leaders are searching to exploit all opportunities of shifting to the cloud to stay competitive, compliant, relevant and profitable in this new DevOps/OPEX world.