Why Amazon FSx for Windows File Server?

BeCloud and AWS can help you easily migrate your file share-based workloads to the cloud.  Organizations are often burdened with regular hardware refreshes, management overhead, and difficulty scaling.  Amazon FSx for Windows File Server offers managed, highly reliable, and scalable file shares,  enabling a simplified path to modernization for your organization.


Reduced TCO

Price starts at $.0.013 per GB-month

Cloud acceleration

Can easily move to the cloud with AWS DataSync.

Faster Performance

Sub-millisecond latencies for file operations.


Up to 64 TB per file system.

BeCloud's Satisfied Customer Use Cases

Non-profit Modernization. BeCloud recently migrated a local non-profit to FSx. The non-profits' server infrastructure was running old and outdated servers.  When faced with the cost to replace server hardware, the nonprofit decided to move to the cloud.  BeCloud utilized Microsoft's Robust File Copy to migrate files to the cloud.  The customer has been running on FSx without any issues or problems since. 

Medical Clinic Downsizing. Last year an OBY/GYN clinic relocated into a new office.  Because they decreased the square footage in the new space, they did not have an extra room to host servers.  The EHR system is also cloud-based.  BeCloud moved clinic files into FSx and currently manages the clinic's cloud infrastructure.  The customer successfully reduced office space costs by moving server infrastructure to the cloud.  Uptime has also improved.

Experience Matters trust Becloud to migrate your business to the cloud.

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