Google trends identify what topics people are searching for as normalized values rather than raw data.  The data below shows a comparison of cloud-specific topics by state.  The images show a dark blue to light gray color per state.  The light gray color represents the least amount of interest while the dark blue represents the most interest in 2020.  On each topic listed, the gray states represent future opportunities while the blue states seem to have more cloud migration opportunities now.   

  Based on the data, we expect continued growth in cloud migration opportunities in 2021, with slower adoption rates in gray states.  As Internet accessibility in rural communities continue to improve and/or companies realize the benefits of cloud services, even the gray states' cloud adoption rates will increase.   Those companies in the gray areas who are able to adopt cloud technologies today will gain a competitive advantage over companies in the same region who don't have the same opportunities.  Early adopters are also better able to compete nationally with companies that are already utilizing cloud technologies.  BeCloud aims to level the playing field by offering modern technologies to all and by advocating for faster implementation of better Internet access to rural communities.

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BeCloud utilizes S3 in many of its projects including client backups and website hosting.  We expect to increase its use in 2021.

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Many of our projects last year concerning migration to the cloud utilized EC2.  In 2021,  We intend to utilize Lamda, and API gateway to further improve cloud efficiency and cost.

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AWS site to site VPN's allows for efficient, secure and affordable hybrid cloud setups. BeCloud will continue to utilize VPN setups in 2021.

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 Cloud Migration

Interest in cloud migration continues to accelerate.  BeCloud is positioned to assist customers  through every phase of their cloud journey.

  We had a breakout year, thanks to our customers who continue to take advantage of cloud agility during this pandemic.  No matter the challenge: Remote work, remote meetings, new evolving cyber threats, or the need to streamline business processes or improve business intelligence, the Cloud has the ability to respond if you know how to take advantage of its vast resources. The above Google search topics represent a small fraction of the AWS resources available in the cloud.  We continue to research, engineer, and test AWS services and Microsoft solutions to determine where they can meet the needs of our customers.  In 2021, BeCloud will continue to assist companies in all "Gray and Blue States" when utilizing cloud technologies to meet global challenges and opportunities as we continue on our mission to "Modernize IT".

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