Arc Technologies

"Necessity is the Mother of invention" -Plato

Since 2004, The problem solvers at Arc Technologies continue to develop revolutionary web-based Human Resource Software solutions.  This software stack was created to solve the paperwork deluge one of the founders experienced as the CFO of a large restaurant franchisee. EightHR is the customized HR solution developed at Arc Technologies that will eliminate your paper processes and help your business run more efficiently. 


Unlike other HR software companies, Arc Technologies provides first-class personalized customer service every step of the way.  Arc Technologies will solve problems and streamline your business through web-based solutions built specifically for you.

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BeCloud Managed Services

Arc Technologies hired BeCloud as a "NextGEN MSP" to assist with cloud migration, managed security of AWS resources, and cloud spend optimization.  BeCloud was able to reduce Arc Technologies' cloud spend by 19% through service optimization.  Cameron Arcemont - CEO said, "Thank you! This makes me feel better to know our costs are optimized and waste eliminated."

In addition, BeCloud implemented security changes to the corporate website and SFTP services.  BeCloud continues to partner with Arc Technologies to improve corporate infrastructure security and cloud spend optimization.