Becloud understands the nuances of non-profit operations and technical business requirements. Non-profit entities are measured by social value and community outcomes rather than corporate shareholder value. We also recognize that every dollar spent must contribute to realizing the non-profit’s mission. Because there is no budget room for technology experimentation, the implementation must be swift and efficient. Therefore, BeCloud Managed IT Services aims to magnify the community impact of our non-profit partners by implementing only relevant, proven, and modern technologies efficiently. Community activism and outreach are BeCloud principles that come to life through the technological solutions we provide to our non-profit partners. Those solutions ultimately enhance non-profit social efficacy.

Project Management of transformational database projects and solutions requires detailed customer engagement. Our engineers and technicians work with stakeholders to determine what reasonable technical innovations can provide the biggest impact on community outcomes. Our software and IT Management solutions seek to streamline nonprofit operations by combining many business processes into one online database. For example, the front corporate web presence is extended by a connected back-end portal that provides secure access from any device across the Internet. The back-end portal can provide typical Customer Relationship Management functions (CRM) including invoicing or more detailed customized workflows such as legal case management. The result is a secure online database for streamlined and automated management of critical business functions. BeCloud is currently evaluating machine learning algorithms that could further enhance non-profit productivity. In addition, we also offer great customer support during and after implementation which is a key differentiator. BeCloud’s value proposition and commitment to efficiency are important to all our customers, but it can dramatically increase the public value generated by our non-profit partners.

Many non-profits faced tough times last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations had to rapidly adapt to decreased donor engagement and handle operational disruption while experiencing declining revenues. With all those added challenges, there was no shortage of community need. Many organizations found technology as an enabler to business survival and community service. Those non-profits experienced technological innovation, which they might not have realized before the pandemic. BeCloud was ready and able to assist our partners by quickly and efficiently implementing BeCloud tested and proven cloud technologies. We implemented a comprehensive ground game to handle the rapid increase in cloud implementations and migration requests. The COVID-19 pandemic is a catalyst for digital transformation initiatives that will continue to enhance non-profit mission performance for years to come.

The Mississippi Volunteers Lawyer Project (MVLP) is an organization with a mission that BeCloud is proud to support. They are known for providing pro bono legal assistance to indigent Mississippians. The MVLP mission requires a simple, secure, and concise website presence that supports tablets and smartphones. With those requirements in mind, BeCloud built a custom website and portal solution to manage the volunteer attorney registration, intake process, case management, and reporting. The final solution utilized a custom database back-end that was developed on open-source technologies to save cost. Becloud's software engineers and designers hosted this custom solution in the AWS Cloud. We continue to support this great organization's mission by managing the monthly maintenance of the implemented technologies. This allows MVLP to focus on community impact and service instead of technology concerns and management. Gayla Carpenter-Sanders (Executive Director and General Counsel) said, “BeCloud is a phenomenal technology firm that has been partners of MVLP for years in helping us to get our services to the communities that really need it”.

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The Mississippi Volunteers Project (MVLP)

The Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project (MVLP) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit legal aid organization. Formed in 1982, MVLP is the nation's first formal association of a state bar association, the Mississippi Bar Association, and the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). MVLP's long-standing relationship with the Mississippi Bar and the LSC has resulted in a professional and productive partnership, with attorneys unselfishly offering their time and talents to serve Mississippi's poor and less fortunate.

For nearly 40 years, the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project (MVLP) has provided free legal assistance to more than 40,000 Mississippians.


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