In today's networks we continue to see growing complexity.   Even our smallest client systems can contain QuickBooks for accounting, various business management software, email and/or document file storage.  In simple terms, all modern businesses utilize an accounting system, different file storage systems, and various communication technologies.  Employees tame those disparate systems with dual entry and duplication of work.  They get it done but it is not efficient.

At BeCloud we can integrate and simplify systems through automation. We utilize two tools to significant effect in our quest to streamline workflows.  API's and Event Driven Architecture are two of the tools we use to automate systems.  Those two tools produce streamlined workflows, and a significant decrease in the duplication of work.   This system design construct allows business to be more proactive and agile because employees can spend more time handling front line issues instead of background work processes.  That is the beauty of true modern system engineering.

So, what is an API?  An API is an application programming interface that allows different applications systems to communicate and share information.  Most newer application systems have some built in API capability.  Even for those that don't it is often possible to build an API endpoint if you have access to the backend database.  For one great illustration of this, consider your homes electric socket.  If you want an appliance to work in your home, you just plug into the wall socket.  You don't have to run new wires to the electric company for every device.  The power plug symbolizes the same kind of functionality an API endpoint provides.

What is an Event Driven Architecture? Event-driven architectures react to changes.  To continue the power plug example above.  Once you have a lamp plugged into the socket what if you want it to turn on when you clap your hands.  You could plug "The Clapper" into the wall socket between the lamp and the electric socket.  That device will turn the lamp on and off when you clap your hands.  The same can be done in software to automate and react in real-time to changes.   

Recently we had a conversation with a client, they described scanning intake application documents then transferring relevant information from documents into a secure contact database through manual data entry.  We designed a better system. Enter the data once.  If that information is required in another system, say an email newsletter database this data can be transferred automagically utilizing API's.  In addition, combining an Event Driven Architecture into the design allowed for a rules-based approach where business requirements could further dictate and filter the automated data transfer.  

Decrease complexity through modern systems architecture.

Join us and make your company more efficient.