While some companies can and will continue to utilize a remote workforce.  Other companies are forced to bring employees back into the office.   One way that companies are coping with COVID-19 is by spacing out workers in the office during the week.  That brings in a new challenge of tracking who worked on what days.  Scheduling, tracking and screening people as they come into the office could be an opportunity for automation but it is important for corporations to first decide which processes they would like to automate before choosing a technical solution.

  For example, an Excel spreadsheet could be utilized as an alternative to a manual paper login sheet.   Even better, Microsoft Teams could be utilized to track and send alerts when an employee fills out a login form. The form could also ask questions like "Do you have a fever?".  Employees with issues could easily be identified and tracked.  Once you determine what processes you need to automate, there are many ways to implement the final solution.  As described above, it may be possible to automate the workflow using software you probably already own.

Look for ways to automate

COVID-19 is disrupting work but automation and technology can enable ways to cope. By freeing people form repetitious, low level tasks,  automation can allow employees to focus on adding business value.  Automation can also improve the quality and consistency of work products and procedures. 

Look for repeatable low level processes in your business then contact BeCloud to design automation solutions.

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