Choose a Modern device for the best experience

Longer Battery Life
Less Security Incidents
Less repairs
Better performance

Cost conscious businesses upgrade technology only when productivity suffers.  For some, that means PCs on life support, outdated security and cumbersome file sharing options!

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At what cost?

Old PCs waste your time.  And free cloud tools with limited features sound great, until the first time someone shares an unprotected link with your customer list.  A TechAisle survey found the total cost of ownership of owning a PC more than four years old is $2,379 US* -- far more than the cost of a new PC.

Work smarter using Office 365 best-in-class productivity tools on a new Windows 10 Pro device.  Simplify security with one solution that is continuously up to date and enabled with multi-factor authentication.

Contact us to find out more about Cloud migration offers, which can help you transition to modern tools easily.

TechAisle SMB PC Study for Microsoft, July 2018.

1Source: TechAisle SMB PC Study for Microsoft, July 2018