In 2020, no one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic. It left many businesses scrambling to adapt to new challenges. In 2021, as vaccines are rolling out hopefully, we are nearing a return to normalcy.  But one thing that our clients have noticed and learned from the pandemic, is how the cloud can make business more agile and productive for whatever challenges the future holds.

       Hosting data and applications in the cloud has proven to be a lifeline for business during this pandemic.  It has allowed companies to improve efficiency and business continuity while working remotely.  As a result, customers have become accustomed to signing documents, enhanced logistics, and conducting meetings without visiting a physical office.  Of course, there are times when this one-on-one interaction will still be necessary but today businesses are more agile.  They can adapt quickly ensuring business continuity.  Below are a few examples of agility enabled by cloud services.

School Systems

Remote classroom instruction is now proven.  Gone are snow days, school will be held remotely when it is not possible to travel to school.   In addition, School systems will probably look for ways to permanently integrate remote classroom instruction into student experiences.  In Mississippi, the need for better Internet Service to our rural communities has become a higher priority and Internet Providers have taken notice. 

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Law Firms

The ability to work remotely has moved to the forefront.  The ability to share documents and participate in meetings remotely enables businesses to carry out operations in a more agile way ensuring business continuity.  Many of our legal customers are moving to virtual desktops, cloud storage, and cloud applications so that they can have more agility when servicing clients.


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Professional Services

Engineering firms are interested in cloud services.  Cloud desktops, storage, and application hosting are being reviewed if not implemented.  Even graphics-intensive workloads can run in the cloud.


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Retail Delivery Services

Food and package delivery provide essential services during this pandemic.  Retail stores will continue to utilize cloud-based mobile applications for logistic services for the foreseeable future.


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There is still more work to do!

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