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    During the proposal phase of consulting engagements, we sometimes run into customers who say, " I want a quote because I'm required to get three quotes and we will sign with the cheapest vendor".  That strategy may work well "all things being equal" for a simple computer upgrade.  But, ongoing IT Managed Services Contracts and Digital Transformation Projects are more comprehensive than "simple" upgrades.  In today's challenging business landscape - fraught with dynamic external pressures - business leaders must utilize IT to decrease business expenses, and improve employee productivity while maintaining sensible risk management with greater flexibility.  Leaders should seek out customer-friendly IT solutions that improve client satisfaction, customer loyalty, and quality.   Of course, normal IT maintenance and security has to be included in IT contracts, but modern technology add-ons such as automation, cloud, and business intelligence can be utilized to fast track company success while providing competitive advantages.

    Consider a hypothetical business goal of increasing profit by fifty percent next year.  What are the steps that must happen to make this a reality? Perhaps increasing employee "PQO" Prolific Quality Outputs a term I borrowed from Brendon Burchard's book "High Performance Habits" would be one positive step in the right direction toward higher corporate profits.   Determine which employee outputs can create the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.  Then ask yourself, can Information Technology enable or allow for effective measurements of employee "PQO"?

    Ask your IT vendor what products or services will supercharge employee engagement and goal attainment.  Gone are the days of IT vendors charging $150/hour fees for simple administrative tasks such as changing network passwords.  Savvy consumers demand more.  They realize that IT solutions should provide measurable business value that aligns with corporate goals and strategy.  

    Case in point, BeCloud was recently tasked with helping a nonprofit organization streamline event registration workflows.  The old "phone and spreadsheet" workflows were cumbersome. Additionally, it required the nonprofit to hire an event management firm to manage the calls and other aspects of event registration for bigger forums.  BeCloud created a new website that included online registration with "Business Intelligence Reports".  In short, we Modernized their IT!  This application of modern technology saved the nonprofit countless time, money, and resources for registering attendees while at the same time enhancing customer satisfaction. BeCloud excels at providing solutions with great intrinsic IT value for our customers.  Avoid the race to the bottom when choosing IT solutions or providers. Choose high value, business aligned, and agile solutions over tawdry IT solutions and services that don't enhance business performance.