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I own the Surface Pro 5. It still performs well and is in decent shape. With the release of Windows 11 and the new Surface Pro 8, I'm considering an upgrade.  The new Surface Pro 8 is significantly updated with a larger display, new ports, longer battery life, support for new Surface Slim pen and comes with Windows 11.

The Surface Pro 8 goes on sale in the United States October 5, 2021.

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What value does BeCloud bring to a Surface Pro purchase?

Strong relationships with Microsoft and other distributors. In addition, BeCloud inventories the applications and functions you plan to perform with your new computer.  We can then recommend the right specifications, memory, hard drive, and accessories you need to get your work done. 

BeCloud integrates your hardware seamlessly into your cloud and business networks. We connect you to your cloud resources and applications keeping security at the forefront.  Trust the configuration, security, ordering and provisioning to the professionals at BeCloud.

Choose the right hardware the first time.

Join us and make your company a more efficient place.