What negative impacts to company functions will Coronavirus cause and how can a company help employees deal with the threat? Currently, the risk is considered small, but leaders should be thinking of ways to mitigate risk.

There is no reason to panic but a healthy amount of planning for the Coronavirus is justified.

Business primary threats “as I perceive it” appear to come from the need to handle possible mandatory quarantine and/or exposure restriction mandates. Imagine an employee’s child being quarantined at home due to exposure to the virus at school. The employee can however work while attending to the needs at home and quarantine restrictions if they have good remote work capabilities.

Remote workplace solutions are common. Many BeCloud customers, for example, possess some capability to support remote workers. But could this scale up quickly to support entire business units while holding compliance with regulations like HIPAA? What job functions can be done from home like meetings, etc.? What other technology, software and licenses would employees need to carry out duties remotely? BeCloud can assist with disaster strategic planning. In addition, many companies such as Google and Microsoft are offering free remote work tools due to the Coronavirus.

Technical Strategic planning

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