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The Importance of IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is when a company or entity seeks outside IT counsel or subcontract IT services to support all or a portion of their IT needs. Some organizations outsource certain IT Services that focuses on a specific area of need for the organization such as email, backups, monitoring, or back office support. IT outsourcing also provides companies the flexibility in costs savings as well. Overall, IT outsourcing ensures a higher level of expertise in the areas of need, quality of service, and cost reductions.


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the integration of technologies into business practices. Most think going “paperless” or going to “the cloud” is all there is to digital transformation and yes, that is true to an extent, however, there’s so much more such as AI Machine Learning, IoT devices, cloud apps, and custom scripting. AI Machine Learning is adaptive software to increase productivity and improve workflow. IoT devices allows companies to utilize internet connected devices such as water meters, thermostats, and security alarms. Cloud Apps enables user mobility from anywhere in the world. Custom Scripting (software robots) allow companies to free up staff of repetitive daily tasks and to increase productivity.


Putting it all together

Many companies trust BeCloud to meet their Digital Transformation and IT Outsourcing needs. To learn more of what we offer, please contact us.