1. Internet Security and Setup

  • Use email addresses tied to your website domain.

  • New businesses must secure email, website, and documents.

  • Make sure all computers are getting security updates installed.

  • Utilize Spam filters, secure passwords, and AntiVirus software.

*Contact BeCloud for expert help with securing computers, building websites and configuring email.

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2. Modernization

  • Choose the latest technologies and services that can automate processes.

  • Utilize cloud resources where possible to lower cost and improve agility.

  • Pick technologies with good security, reliability, and agility built-in.

*BeCloud has technology experts on staff that can recommend proven technology solutions.

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3. Customer Driven

  • Pick services that provide 24 x 7 support.

  • Choose services that provide customizable and/or industry-specific experience.

  • Utilize services that are responsive to customer requests and issues.

*BeCloud is a customer driven firm and we can recommend, configure and train users on how to get the most from technology investments.

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