BeCloud's “Zero-to-Sixty”  is a customized consulting engagement. Our technologists identify business pain points and challenges that can be decreased or eliminated through modern technology. The end result is a comprehensive plan designed for companies experiencing or preparing for rapid growth.   High-performance companies demand technology engines that can power and extend transformational growth.  When implemented our strategies provide businesses with the technology solutions to support that rapid growth.   We include this consulting service with our Premium Managed Service offerings.

 "Businesses continue to struggle with the rapid pace of technical innovation and constant implementation opportunities for cloud applications and services.  Becloud can help by supplementing internal IT staff or corporate business units." 

     Companies across all verticals can improve security, decrease risk, provide exceptional remote work capabilities and business agility by utilizing our customized Zero-to-Sixty technology plans. BeCloud developed this service because we rarely see business owners and executives implementing modern technology as a growth engine.  We ask executives, what is the one thing technology can take off your plate or streamline so that you can focus on growth?  The answer to that question guides our recommendations.

"Our services enable companies to move from the productivity loss associated with outdated technology to realizing the real benefits of modern innovation and technology planning. " 

The Zero-to-Sixty technology plan 

Centralize IT Management

Proactive maintenance translates to increase uptime and employee productivity.

Automation & Digital Transformation

Automate workflows and enable AI, IoT, Data Lakes, and Business Intelligence via Digital Dashboards.

Security & Regulatory Compliance

Risk reduction by securing confidential information and business endpoints.  Business continuity is also addressed.

Aggressive Paper Reduction

Utilize modern cloud infrastructure to reduce or eliminate paper. Of course, security including encryption must be utilized, monitored, and maintained.

Employee Information Sharing & Training

Implement BeCloud training videos, webinars, and intranets. Enable video conferencing and Instant Messaging.

Website Development & Management

Websites are extremely important to corporate growth and should include SEO, security, monitoring, and responsive design built-in.

Mobile Application Development

 Seventy-percent of the United States population uses smartphones.  Mobile applications can increase customer interaction, customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth.

Increase Cloud Efficiencies

Remove redundant services while recommending new services according to business efficiencies.

In 2020, technology strategy fuels transformational growth.

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