Online advertising is a growing, billion dollar market and criminals and hackers are creating technology and techniques to steal money from the advertisers. Ad fraud existed from the beginning of online advertising. Impression laundering is a type of attack that conceals real websites where the ad is displayed. 

"One fraudulent ad campaign we have repeatedly seen comes from a Quick Books technical support search.  Beware!!"

Here's how ad fraud works: 

  • The advertiser buys ads from a carefully selected brand like Norton (one with a relevant audience.) 

  • Part of the ad impressions are bought by the advertiser are served on fraudulent websites where neither the audience nor the content is relevant to the advertiser's brand. (High traffic sites with illegal content which hackers use trying to earn revenue from that business brand.)  

  • Ad calls are laundered so that the advertiser sees legitimate sites instead of the actual fraudulent sites where the ads are displayed.

When performing your internet search, it is best to stay away from the links that are described as ads and to click only on organic links. This can help prevent your system from being compromised or you giving out information to someone who is trying to trick you into thinking they are legitimate.

BeCloud reduces risk through proactive monitoring and maintenance.

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