What is Adware?

Adware is an uninvited software designed to cover your screen, usually within a web browser, with annoying advertisements. Usually, this software utilizes an underhanded means to either disguise itself as legitimate or will piggyback on another program to hoodwink you into installing it on your device.

Here are some ways you can tell if your system is infected with Adware:

  • Advertisements appear in places they shouldn't be

  • Your web browser's homepage has mysteriously changed without your permission

  • Web pages that you typically visit are not displaying properly

  • Website links redirect to sites different from what you expected

  • Your web browser slows to a crawl

  • New toolbars, extensions or plugins suddenly populate your browser

  • Your browser crashes

  • Your system automatically installs unwanted software applications (Mac users)

What to do if your system becomes infected:

  • Contact your IT Security provider¬†

  • Always back up your files regularly (this is so you have something to restore if needed)

  • You can try to remove the adware through the pertinent utility on your operating system

  • Download a legitimate cyber-security program and use it to remove the adware

Tips to protect yourself from Adware attacks:

  • Use extreme caution when downloading and installing any new software (especially if it is free)

  • Always read the terms and conditions of the program before agreeing to them and cancel the download process if something seems amiss with the agreement

  • Avoid torrent sites, illegal downloads and NEVER open an app from an unknown source

  • Perform regular security scans of your system

  • Be sure to install updates for your system whenever they are released

BeCloud is committed to keeping its customers informed about cyber-security and making sure their devices remain protected through BeCloud's SecureIT services. Contact us for more information.