In a day where hackers are becoming more and more cleaver in carrying out data attacks on major corporations and businesses, leaving them scrambling to recover - Will two factor identification slow down attackers? Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance is an authenticated standard group whose primary purpose is to replace passwords with a faster and more secure means for logging into services and apps aggressively leading the trend in two-factor authentication.

FiDO was formed back in 2012 and has seen drastic growth with an elaborate list of clients. Among that list of clients, are tech giants; Amazon, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, RSA, Samsung, and Verizon. They have adopted this trend in cloud-based infrastructure security. Lucas Mearian, the senior reporter for IT World, said that Apple announced their plan to offer two-factor authentication services to their customers now. This decision for Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook probably wasn’t an easy one considering Apple prides itself on being the industry’s leader in new technological discoveries.

I believe that users will warm up to this two-factor authentication rather quickly, considering some may already be using the technology for social media platforms and email.

How does this technology work really? When consumers log into their Pay Pal accounts. The authentication server prompts users to enter a code that is either texted or emailed to them issuing them a public/private key pair therefore, giving them access to the app or online application. We get it passwords are becoming a thing of the past. 

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