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 Businesses today more than likely reside in the cloud, are running mobile devices and constantly evolving. This opens the door to all kinds of threats from cybercriminals. Hardware and software such as Email/Spam filters, firewalls, anti-virus and malware tools are an aid in protecting your data, however, they are no guarantee and give no assurance that a breach will not occur. To strengthen your organization’s security posture in today’s volatile environment, BeCloud implements a 5-step approach to cybersecurity; and this is to IDENTIFY your assets, PROTECT your assets, DETECT incidents, RESPOND to incidents, and RECOVER your data and operations.

At Becloud we focus on protecting your business, its infrastructure, and sensitive data. By using the recommended best practices and methodology our team of security experts will incorporate the testing of both technical and human vulnerabilities. Our security assessments have been designed specifically to meet regulatory requirements and address the need for any size organization.  BeCloud’s definition of compliance is acting according to a set of rules. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner, executive, HR manager or sales representative. Navigating the path to compliance requires proactive planning. Security, on the other hand, requires protecting information and making changes to the corporate attitude on policy and IT systems. This helps to ensure that companies are on the right path to the most secure environment possible.

If your organization is subjected to IT security mandates such as FDIC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, NCUS, OCC and PCI-DSS. You are required to have independent third-party testing of your information security system to identify vulnerabilities that could result in unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alterations or destruction of confidential information including Non-public personal information (NPPI).

Our seasoned experts stand ready to conduct a thorough examination of your entire environment.