Small businesses have to deal with the same cyber attacks and the same industry and government data regulations as large companies -- but, without the big IT department to implement protections,  Thats where BeCloud's SecureIT comes in.  We protect against external and internal threats and data leaks with one comprehensive solutions that helps you securely run and grow your business!

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Forty-three percent of cyber attacks target small business!

With such an alarming statistic, more than half of small businesses are not allocating any budget to security.  It is important for small business owners and managers to ask "What is the risk exposure" as they implement new technologies into the business.  

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Sixty percent of small business close their doors after a cyberattack!

Business owners and managers should realize that a cyber attack would dramatically impact the bottom line of small business.  Enterprises "on the other hand" have access to capital and other resources that could allow them easier recovery after a cyberattack.