Windows is the world’s most used operating system in the world. Since it’s such an international system, hackers always try to find a way to steal or corrupt an individual’s computer. 

Thankfully, Microsoft is aware of this and tries to give its customers additional ways to protect their computers. This article will list a few ways to protect your computer and explain how the change is beneficial. 

  • Turning off localisation, video, and sound devices 

            Go to Settings > Location to turn off the computer’s ability to detect your location. The video camera and             microphone is also located on the tab bar of the page. 

            Turning off these trackers and recorders prevent a hacker from obtaining your location or secretly spying on             you, whether it be audio or camera. Some customers like to take the additional step of taping their camera off             with a solid color tape.

  • Disabling typing personalization 

            Go to Settings > Privacy > Typing Personalization to turn off typing personalization.

            Typing personalization is Windows storing key words you type often. Windows stores this information so that             it can remember what you are interested in. This information sends a lot of data to the Windows             database, which can be infiltrated. If the database is hacked, your information could be stolen and used             against you.

  • Avoid downloading add-ons to your search engine. 

            Try to refrain from the advertisements that state: “just download this add on for free or discounted             (item/valuable). If you see an unwanted add-on to your search browser, try running an antivirus program to             get rid of it. 

A vast majority of the time the advertisers want to collect your personal information and possibly impose a script to steal your information. Most search engine add-ons also contain bloatware - a program that slows your computer down.

This is just a few ways to help keep your computer operating smoothly. 

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