When talking to a clinic this week about how BeCloud could assist them with securing their HIPAA related records, the Practice Administrator responded, "We are good".  The administrator went on to say that they had talked to someone else, and that consultant told them that they shouldn't have to worry about HIPAA because they are a smaller clinic.  That is just one example of the misinformation we hear when working with prospective clients.  The doctor count of the practice does not matter when it comes to HIPAA compliance.  

 A major goal of the HIPAA regulation is aimed at safeguarding patient information.  According to CMS.gov , if your clinic handles HIPAA related transactions:

  1. Claims and/or patient information

  2. Payment and remittance advice

  3. Claims status

  4. Eligibility

  5. Referral authorization requests 

You are a covered entity.  The above list is only a subset but every health care provider who electronically transmits health information while performing transactions including the subset above is a covered entity, regardless of doctor count, patient flow, or any other measurement of practice size.

Several HIPAA covered businesses trust BeCloud to secure their networks.

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