Ransomware continues to be the preferred method of exploitation and destruction among cybercriminals.  The recent attack on a US oil pipeline shows just how lucrative an attack can be.  The pipeline paid an estimated five million US dollars in ransom.  You might think that your business is too small or your data is too insignificant for hackers to take an interest in your business.  Additionally, some may rationalize that they have cyber insurance to protect against such attacks. BeCloud has recently assisted or seen small businesses recover from attacks similar to the oil pipeline hack. Although cyber insurance can negotiate with cybercriminals to get the ransom paid.  It is better to prevent attacks.  You will not have to pay the ransom if you can restore your data from backups.

  As a result of ransomware producing record damages according to a recent analysis by the FBI's IC3 Center, BeCloud has stepped up our internal processes and tools to meet this real-world threat.  Fortinet NextGen Firewalls, BitDefender endpoint protection, AI-enabled security monitoring with patch management, and last but not least image/cloud backups are some of the tools that we utilize and extend to help protect our customers.

Prevention is the best medicine

Reduce surface area by removing unused access points
Enable multi-vendor \multi-layer monitoring 
Automate routine scans and updates of your environment

Implementing regular security risk assessments with remediation, verification/testing of backups, employee security awareness training, and next-generation firewalls is the best strategy to prevent, or reduce the impact of ransomware.  Ransomware is highly adaptable.  For example, the Conti variant is usually run by human attackers who try to avoid detection by cybersecurity monitoring and traditional antivirus software.  This variant can encrypt files extremely fast.   Even small delays in detection can provide time for potentially irreversible file encryption to take place.  Therefore, defending against ransomware requires a multi-layered and multi-vendor approach based on preemptive protection. For example,  BitDefender's ransomware mitigation automatically blocks processes involved in the attack and creates a tamper-proof backup of targeted files that will be restored after the threat is blocked.  But our SecureIT solutions don't depend on that alone.  If the hackers compromise BitDefender and figure out how to shut it off, we implement other third-party monitoring combined with next-gen firewall monitoring.  They would have to disable at least three monitored vectors to keep our security experts from being alerted.

BeCloud's ransomware protection service

Ransomware attacks almost always involve a variety of attack vectors,  a good anti-ransomware strategy must be able to handle defense in depth.  BeCloud's SecureIT service is built on understanding the full cyber kill-chain and maps defenses for each attack layer.

Control risk and reduce the attack surface by signing up your organization to our Managed SecureIT service.  This service will run security assessments on your network daily utilizing machine learning to alert our security analyst of potential threats

Patch Management/Configuration Management  Improperly configured systems leave wide-open doors into your network. BeCloud utilizes technical solutions to automate patch management as much as possible.  Sometimes those solutions miss updates or create misconfigurations.  Our monitoring solutions will notify our technicians of any discrepancies so that they can be resolved ASAP.

Security Scans identify known vulnerabilities in outdated applications (CVEs) that can be used to misuse program functions or install harmful content.  It is important to utilize periodic security audits to close security gaps in applications and software.  The BeCloud approach is to not trust one vendor but to periodically implement scans from a variety of solutions to close any gaps.

Training your staff on password hygiene and risky websites/emails can decrease risky user behaviors that would otherwise create opportunities for exploitation.

Continuous Monitoring utilizing a variety of technical solutions for monitoring makes it more difficult for hackers to prevent an alert/alarm from going off when they access systems. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) plays an important role in ransomware mitigation. 

Tamper Proof Backups are extremely important along with file recovery speed and accuracy because prevention is not 100% bullet-proof.  Providing a fast and accurate incident response based on our continuous monitoring should help to reduce attack damage. Secure and verified backups is our last line of defense.

By combining complementary technologies and methods into an integrated approach utilizing our US-based Network Operations Center. Becloud's SecureIT service can protect organizations more effectively against known and unknown ransomware.  Ransomware defense is a 24 x 7 job that requires resources to identify and respond to threats quickly.  Traditional IT staff may not have the resources available to defend against this evolving threat.  Trust BeCloud's veteran security analysts to prevent ransomware attacks from executing and spreading.

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