What are Key loggers?

Key loggers are a type of spyware that can record and steal consecutive keystrokes that the user enters on a device. Key loggers install when a file attachment is opened from a malicious sender.

How do I detect and remove Key loggers from my system?

The process of detecting and removing Key loggers from your system depends on the quality of the key logger. If it is a well-designed key logger, it is almost impossible to detect them and you may never know it is on your system, because it hardly effects the performance of your system at all.

If the key logger is of poor quality, it is much easier to detect that one is effecting your system. Some of the ways to detect these are as follows:

  • Web browsing performance becomes extremely slow

  • Severe lag in mouse movement and/or keystrokes

  • What you type never appears on screen

  • Error messages may appear when loading web pages or graphics

Five ways to protect yourself from Key loggers?

  1. Contact your IT support provider if you suspect a Key logger is on your computer

  2. Scan your system regularly with a legitimate, quality cyber security programs

  3. Install system updates as soon as possible after they are released (these updates usually include security patches that will help protect your system)

  4. Use long and complex passwords and don’t use the same password for different accounts/services

  5. Never open unexpected attachments that appear to come from senders you know until you verify that they actually sent you the attachment


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