What is Pharming?

Pharming is a form of cyber-attack that involves redirecting web traffic from a legitimate site to a false site under the guise of pilfering credentials and personal information.

How it works:

Cyber-criminals manipulate online address systems in order to redirect requests from legitimate sites to ones controlled by the criminal.

Types of Pharming:

Pharming malware - infects a victim's computer and changes the hosts file so the domain name of a website points to a malicious site instead. Some pharming malware will also block access to sites that allow users to download software to remove the malware.

DNS Poisoning - cyber-criminal hijacks servers and uses them to reroute web traffic by taking advantage of exploits in the software that controls DNS servers. This type of pharming attacks the companies that maintain the servers and has a broader base of potential victims.

How to protect yourself:

  • Use strong passwords 

  • Use a password manager

  • Use a good anti-malware program

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