Last month New Orleans Governor John Bel Edwards issued a state of emergency because hackers invaded the government's website crippling the city for days. As a result the Office of Motor Vehicles was closed for days following this attack according to Statescoop. Relentless hackers struck the City of New Orleans again making Friday, December 13 another day for Cyber Attacks. Around 5:00 am Friday morning, system monitoring detected suspicious activity on the network indicating yet another cyber attack.  New Orleans Facebook page issued a statement letting the public know they were shutting down all servers and websites. New Orleans is not the only city that hackers targeted. Pensacola, Florida and Jackson County, Georgia have also been the victim of cyber attacks lately. New Orleans newly elected Mayor Latoya Cantrell took to twitter today, reassuring the city that they are investing in infrastructure improvements and  have been preparing by conducting routine system checks daily.  The Mayor did confess that the city was still in recovery mode and are unsure if these were the same attackers that hacked the system in November using Ransomware to extort money from the city. Just today, sources from MIT Technology Review, said that they also used phishing attempts to flood the servers in New Orleans. 

   At this time the hackers who crippled the city of New Orleans have not asked for any ransom money, but that was not the case in Pensacola, Florida. Hackers in the Florida ransomware attack back on December 7th, asked for $1 million dollars for the stolen documents took from the city's phone system, email system, 311 customer service lines and online payment system for Pensacola's Energy , and sanitarian services left IT scrambling to recover after the attack halted the city according to sources from The Apopka Voice. Back in March of this year, 911 dispatch in the small town of Jackson County in Georgia came in to work to find black screens and staff at the county jail could not access the doors remotely hence discovering they had become victims of a ransomware attack. Issues of cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent prompting tech companies nationwide to look for ways to amp up security in their companies. BeCloud takes a proactive approach to protect the businesses that we service through auditing and monitoring.