The National Security Agency recommends rebooting your phone weekly as a way to stop some malware

    A simple reboot of your phone can cause hackers to work harder to steal data from your phone.  Although this does not provide a 100% guarantee against cybercriminals it does impose cost and difficulty to some cybercriminal elements.  The NSA issued a "best practices" guide for mobile phone security last year.  That advice included recommendations for regular device reboots.

    Mobile devices are now built to prevent malicious malware from accessing the device's root file system.  As a result, many exploits utilize "in-memory payloads" that are removed by simply turning the device off and back on. 

    The NSA's guide does note that rebooting a phone will not stop some zero-click hacks or very determined cyber criminals but there are known exploits that cannot survive a system reboot. They often don't need to since most people don't regularly reboot their devices. 

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