T-Mobile and other companies faced a significant outage recently which left many users to believe the U.S. was attacked by a group of cyber attackers. The rumor began when one anonymous user uploaded a post on a social media platform claiming that the T-Mobile outage and other similar phone issues from other companies were linked to a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. One Twitter user posted:

“Apparently there was a Cyber Attack that simultaneously hit T-Mobile, Verizon, Twitch and a few other Major companies. So far it looks like the outages are affecting from possible the entire East Coast”

However, this information was inaccurate. Claims of a global DDoS attack have been dismissed with evidence showing it was caused by a misconfiguration that may have possibly stemmed from the merging of Sprint and T-Mobile.

“The issue was apparently caused by a misconfiguration at T-Mobile in the USA,” Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile, claimed in a statement.

The network had been “experiencing a voice and text issue that has intermittently impacted customers in markets across the US” which started just after 12pm EDT, and continued throughout the day.

“This is an IP traffic-related issue that has created significant capacity issues in the network core throughout the day,” Sievert said. “Data services have been working throughout the day and customers have been using services like FaceTime, iMessage, Google Meet, Google Duo, Zoom, Skype and others to connect. 

While unfortunate for the users of the affected companies services, this outage and the rumors that spread along with it show that it is important for people to validate the information they find on the internet and especially on social media. You can contact BeCloud to assist with validation of these types of rumors or use a fact checking site such as Snopes.com. 


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