IT security is a set of measures aimed at protecting information. Information security can prevent manipulation, stealing, encrypting, and changing data by unauthorized third parties. IT security is a must-have for all companies regardless of their size and data quality.

Even if your business isn’t dealing with sensitive consumer information, any attack on its internal systems could lead to serious downtime and hinder the company’s reputation.

The main goal of IT security is to keep information safe. The more data a business generates with time, the more vulnerable it becomes to attacks.


BeCloud Security Management Services includes the following:

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Network Security

Aimed at preventing unauthorized users from penetrating the company’s network by decreasing and eliminating vulnerable access points. Measures are developed to maintain data integrity and usability.

With proper network security, a cybercriminal can’t access data inside the network without alerting security personnel about the intrusion.

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Internet Security

This type of IT security involves protecting data, which is being transferred over the internet via browsers as well as network security of web-based apps. Such security measures may involve implementing firewalls, anti-malware apps, and antispyware.

Use Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to limit the use of each resource to just the people who need it.

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Endpoint Security

This type of IT security protects data stored on your devices. These devices include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. These measures prevent devices from gaining access to malicious networks, which may pose cyber threats to organizations.


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Cloud Security

With many companies moving their operations to the cloud, cloud IT security services becomes increasingly important. Cloud security provides safety for SaaS apps and public cloud use.  

 The cloud has built-in safeguards but sometimes they require specialized training to implement effectively. 

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App Security

Managed security services are aimed at keeping your applications protected from different types of threats. Besides the initially implemented security measures, IT security experts should implement another layer including proper backups and backup restore testing.


Our managed security services include a variety of security solutions to keep a company of any size safe during business hours and beyond

Our IT experts keep industry-specific security operations in mind, creating a solid security policy, regardless of your sector.