With the new year in full swing and New Year's resolutions underway, many businesses are in the process of migrating to Microsoft Windows 10. So it is ironic that modernizing your Operating System to Windows 10 will require an update to the update. The National Security Agency (NSA) discovered a serious flaw in Windows 10 that would leave an open door for hackers. There was a sense of urgency to Patch Tuesday last week in order to run patches that fixed the flaws in the core cryptographic components of Windows.  Eight of the 49 vulnerabilities patched last week are flagged as critical. 

    The security flaw "NSACrypt" affects the way Windows verifies cryptographic trust. Most people know this as the way to sign and verify documents, websites and emails securely. Many users have used this method to electronically sign financial documents, validate private and personal information over the internet including secure online shopping. BeCloud advises everyone to run windows updates on your home computers.  Our BeCloud SecureIT Services secures business computers from this headache of manually verifying Windows updates. 

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