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With the recent hack of many government agencies it has become more clear that IT security is extremely important.  The first step in securing any environment is through auditing and assessments.  Only then can a risk-prevention plan be put into place.

Start with your internal assessments. This free online assessment is designed to get business owners and IT staff thinking about areas where IT security is weakest and areas where policies and procedures may need adjusting.  Pay special attention to sensitive data, how it is stored and accessed. 

Regularly scheduled security audits.  Formal Audits expose more vulnerabilities than assessments.  It also provides businesses with a second opinion if performed by an outside vendor.  BeCloud performs these external formal security audits for Healthcare, Legal, and Professional Services verticals on a regular basis. Although the threat of cyber attacks will never go away.  By identifying and documenting vulnerabilities with regular security audits and assessments, you can help protect against cyber attacks. 

BeCloud will provide a 25% discount on our Formal Security Audit packages for companies that complete this "free" self-assessment.

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