One of the things that continue to impress me about the AWS Cloud is the speed at which they innovate.  This week they introduced the latest version of an AWS developed CPU the "Graviton2".  At the "AWS Reinvent" conference in 2019, I attended a keynote from Dr. Werner Vogels.  He went into some detail about how the Nitro system allowed AWS to be a true leader in innovation.  This latest upgrade backs up what he said during his keynote.  AWS does not wait on Intel, AMD, or any other chip manufacture they continue to blaze a path that causes "do it yourself" data centers and server rooms to be outdated as soon as you unbox the equipment.  Yes, there are some edge cases where an on-premise solution is the only way to go but that is rare because AWS continues to innovate at a very fast pace. Cost, security, and scalability continue to improve in the cloud.

 The first-generation AWS graviton processors powered the Amazon EC2 A1 instances.  The new AWS Graviton2 processors provide better performance and capabilities.  The new CPU's will power the M6g, C6g, and R6g instances.  They will be able to power a variety of workloads, including databases, in-memory caches, application servers, and even high-performance computing.  They deliver 7x performance, 4x compute cores, and 5x faster memory.

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