Understand your risk

Comprehensive Security Audits 

Some Managed Service Providers and businesses install security devices and protocols but then they blindly rely on everything working 100% of the time.  At BeCloud we believe that periodic security audits is the best way to optimize a network.  We generate a workplan from audits that will stop issues from compounding over time.

Plug small security holes before they become big entry points for hackers.

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Security Assessment Description

Client Risk Report

Summary of the overall risk scored based on audit scan. 

Network Report

This reports issues found during the scan based upon potential risk with guidance on priority. 

Full Detail Report

Our audit will pull hundreds of pages of network activity and configuration data. Problem areas are highlighted in red.

Asset Detail Report

This report provides detailed information on each individual asset.

BDR Needs Analysis 

This is an analysis of the Backup/Disaster Recovery needs.  The audit will discover storage needs as well as onsite and offsite backup requirements.

SWOT Analysis

Customized Strengths and Weakness Analysis from security professionals.

Dark Web and Vulnerability Scans

Value-added intelligence

Our audits utilize proprietary data collectors to uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk, and provide recommended fixes.

BeCloud security audits can uncover problems across multiple points before they can be exploited.

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Uncover risk with periodic IT assessments

Vulnerability search and identification 

Scan computers

Document and scan for network endpoint vulnerabilities

Detailed BDR

Discover where potential gaps in your backups exist

Locate Risk

Dark Web and Active Directory scans to identify hard to find vulnerabilities