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Cloud enabled Network Shares

09/05/2021 18:32:59 In AWS Consulting
AWS FSx can decrease infrastructure expenses. Learn how some of our customers have utilized Files Servers in the cloud.

Microsoft Outlook shortcuts that will improve email productivity

09/05/2021 13:15:14 In Our Blog
Quick Outlook shortcuts and productivity hacks you can easily implement today!

Windows 11 release date

09/02/2021 21:39:36 In Our Blog
Microsoft announced a release date for Windows 11. Under the hood, it is still windows 10 but looks like a worthwhile upgrade at first glance.

Worsening chip shortages equal

08/01/2021 23:34:57 In Our Blog
Wireless access points, computers, and other hardware including automobiles are experiencing tight inventories.

Simply reboot your phone to

08/01/2021 22:32:00 In Security News
The National Security Agency recommends rebooting your phone weekly as a way to stop some malware

Should businesses pay employees for home internet?

08/02/2021 02:07:28 In Our Blog
As organizations grapple with the Delta Variant, I wonder if employee sentiment towards footing the bill for telework has changed?

Amazon FSx

07/06/2021 15:31:39 In AWS Consulting
Cloud Migration for Windows File Shares. Fully managed SMB file shares built on Windows Server. Reduce additional overhead and improve performance with local office caching.

How to stay ahead of Ransomware

07/06/2021 15:10:45 In Security News
BeCloud has recently assisted or seen small businesses recover from attacks similar to the oil pipeline hack. Although cyber insurance can negotiate with cybercriminals to get the ransom paid. It is better to prevent attacks.

Hackers Emboldened

05/31/2021 14:31:26 In Security News
Business beware Conti is a sophisticated ransomware variant that is generally human-operated. Conti uses the AES-256 encryption key to encrypt data.

The real promise of technology

05/30/2021 22:54:37 In Our Blog
The real promise of technology. Automate the 80% and focus on the 20%. If you can do that you will improve profits.

BeCloud Database Solutions that Benefit Communities

05/02/2021 04:33:01 In Our Blog
Customer Success: BeCloud developed a custom online database and web portal to support the mission of the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyer Project that resulted in nonprofit service enhancement and ultimately greater social impact.

Taggart Rimes & Graham

04/15/2021 13:17:18 In AWS Consulting
Taggart Rimes & Graham's philosophy may be reminiscent of an earlier time, but they have a truly modern approach to practicing law. This is evident in the creative, innovative, forward-thinking approach and modern technologies they implement to better assist the people, businesses, and communities they serve.


04/13/2021 04:25:42 In AWS Consulting
BeCloud Customer Success Story -
The problem solvers at Arc Technologies continue to develop revolutionary web-based Human Resource Software solutions. This software stack was created to solve the paperwork deluge one of the founders experienced as the CFO of a large restaurant franchisee.

National Do Not Call Registry

04/09/2021 12:34:36 In Our Blog
A reminder of what you can do to help eliminate those unwanted calls that seem to be increasing in frequency.

FortiOS 7.0

04/07/2021 15:22:03 In Security News
FortiOS 7.0 tested and delivered. The Let's Encrypt/ACME features is great. It helps prevent man in the middle attacks.

FBI and CISA Warning

04/05/2021 22:15:55 In Security News
On April 2, 2021, the FBI and CISA released a joint advisory warning regarding hacking groups that are actively targeting CVE vulnerabilities in FortiOS. The hackers are said to be scanning devices on ports 4443, 8443 and 10443

HIPAA Compliant Email

04/02/2021 05:50:13 In Our Blog
Email is the major communication tool for businesses. But, healthcare professionals must take extra precautions when using email systems. They must protect patient privacy.

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

04/01/2021 20:48:38 In AWS Consulting
Business of all sizes are being drawn to the cloud for a range of reasons. Among the most compelling drivers for small and medium sized businesses are the opportunities to reduce costs and increase security.

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