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I assumed Microsoft had Availability Zones everywhere

03/19/2021 02:45:23 In Our Blog
Microsoft is increasing Availability Zones going forward.

Running a Business

03/19/2021 01:29:21 In Our Blog
Running a business can be challenging utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Microsoft Security Update KB5000802

03/10/2021 18:50:08 In Our Blog
KB5000802 causes BSOD especially with Kyocera print drivers.

Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Exploits

03/05/2021 21:33:29 In Security News
Microsoft on-premise Zero-Day exploit.. If you are not in the cloud yet make sure you update your servers.

Configure AWS  site-to-site VPN

03/03/2021 20:22:50 In AWS Consulting
AWS site-to-site VPN configuration guide with links to AWS CLI commands.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Migrating to the Cloud

03/02/2021 13:50:16 In AWS Consulting
Considerations and questions to ask yourself before migrating to the cloud.

Growing Biometric Data

03/01/2021 17:01:08 In Litigation Support
Biometric data is more commonly tracked since COVID-19 and modern technical advancements. As a result, there are more states reviewing legislation to secure the data.

Odoo 14 Security Permissions

02/22/2021 17:38:03 In ERP Consulting
This brief blog shows how to set access controls in Odoo 14 on specific models.

How the cloud improves business agility

02/15/2021 19:11:26 In Our Blog
In 2020, no one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic. It left many businesses scrambling to adapt to new challenges.

Do you need to move employees back into the office?

02/01/2021 18:27:24 In Our Blog
Don't forget about automation when adapting to COVID-19 challenges and workflow requirements.

Realize Cloud Benefits

01/24/2021 19:30:24 In AWS Consulting
AWS has 175+ individual services that BeCloud can utilize to activate your companies innovation potential.

Five ways innovation could be working for your business now

01/24/2021 19:33:07 In AWS Consulting
Trust BeCloud to open up cloud opportunities to spring forward corporate innovation.

Business Innovation

01/24/2021 19:29:33 In AWS Consulting
Intro to innovation in the cloud utilizing BeCloud and AWS!

Where is your Corporate Data Located?

01/23/2021 22:15:59 In Security News
If you don't know where your data is located how can you secure it? A major goal of BeCloud security audits is to help customers identify where critical data is located and if it should be controlled and audited.

Modern Work-From-Home Technologies

01/18/2021 13:37:28 In Our Blog
Because business endpoints have moved into home networks that have unsecure smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices connected to the Internet, the security management of corporate access is more challenging. Yet, business executives demand more remote access flexibility.

Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

01/12/2021 14:53:27 In Security News
RAT - Remote Access Trojan a guide to protecting yourself

Data mining "Gray and Blue States" using Google Trends

01/03/2021 18:23:58 In AWS Consulting
Survey of a few cloud technology interest in the United States using normalized data from "Google Trends"


01/03/2021 18:47:41 In Security News

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