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2020 Solo and Small Firm

11/30/2020 16:08:20 In Litigation Support
The American Bar Association conducts a yearly survey to determine how law firms are using technology. We summarize results here..

Bug Bounty Hunters

11/30/2020 16:04:06 In Security News
Bug Bounty hunters improve software by allowing organizations to fix problems before malicious hackers can exploit vulnerabilities


11/30/2020 16:29:25 In Security News
Emotet is a banking trojan distributed through malicious spam and/or phishing emails

Data Breaches

11/24/2020 14:31:19 In Security News

Amazon VPC

11/18/2020 01:22:10 In AWS Consulting

Connect to your own data in Excel

11/01/2020 20:51:04 In Our Blog
Connect to your own data with more new data types in Excel - BeCloudIT Blog

AWS Nitro Enclaves

11/01/2020 20:17:52 In AWS Consulting
AWS Nitro Enclaves provide highly isolated EC2 instances without persistent storage, administrator or operator access, or external networking. These Enclaves will be tailored to data processing tasks.

Personal employee data stolen from Google

11/01/2020 18:56:45 In Security News
The firm Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP, suffered unauthorized access by hackers according to a notice with the California attorney general's office.

Ransomware attacks could have more legal ramifications than most business owners know

11/01/2020 01:29:22 In Security News
A company could see its financial exposure rise well above the ransom payments if the Treasury Department finds out about the payment.

Microsoft Security Update

10/29/2020 16:00:21 In Security News
Security update info from Microsoft in October. BeCloud keeps you up to date on patch information.


10/20/2020 17:59:06 In Security News
We know you want to protect your customers' data, but how much do you know about the most common types of cyberattacks and how to combat them?

AWS Lambda@Edge

10/29/2020 16:07:46 In AWS Consulting
1,000,000+ companies use AWS cloud solutions incuding LambdaEdge to grow their businesses. Trust BeCloud to enhance corporate AWS solution integration and implementation.

Patients piling up in the waiting room

09/29/2020 21:40:20 In Our Blog
Many issues that we resolve for customers seem small but they directly affect end users abilities to get work done efficiently.

Improve Gross Margins

09/30/2020 23:51:41 In Our Blog

Microsoft Security Update issues

09/26/2020 16:44:52 In Security News
Windows known issues from September updates.

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