Technology Support Services 

Without a doubt, technical support is essential to the smooth operation of a business!

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of surveyed consumers said that customer service was one of the key factors helping them decide whether to buy or not from a company (Zendesk, 2019)
of respondents say that customer service is important for brand loyalty(Microsoft Dynamics 365, 2019)
of consumers say that the most frustrating thing about customer support is automated telephone systems that make it hard to reach a human agent (Zendesk, 2019)
of buyers will pay more for products and services from a company with a strong record of good customer service (HubSpot, 2019)

We seek to surpass our clients' demands and amaze them with our service

How can professional IT Support help you?

The modern world is full of high-tech gadgets and it's important to keep them working at their best. Neglecting your company’s IT maintenance can lead not only towards unnecessary downtime, but also increasing expenses.  Let our Managed Support Services help by taking care of routine maintenance tasks like virus protection updates, hard drive checks and networking connectivity test.

We offer IT support as an outsourced service, so you can focus on running your business and leave the maintenance stuff to us. From cloud services to data security, we've got you covered. Need help getting started? No problem! Our friendly and knowledgeable IT company in Jackson is happy to assist you in finding the right solutions for your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level - contact us today!

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BeCloud Key Differentiators    

We listen and encourage customer feedback

We value customer feed back 100% of the time.  We communicate with our customers based on their individual preferences via email, phone, web, text or coming soon mobile app.

We provide efficient IT support

In 2021, 99% of our help desk tickets had positive reviews.  We went back and fixed the one-percent that had negative reviews. We fix most issues remotely before they can cause a service outage event.

We are Nationally Recognized for our leadership in IT Services

100% of our current customers when asked have provided great reviews.  Several of our current customers have referred us to other businesses even without solicitation. 

Benefits of Attentive IT Support Specialists

Cost and Time Savings

Our experienced engineers take pride in lowering your IT costs while at the same time introducing time saving technologies with responsive support.

IT Modernization

We listen to our customers goals and business objectives.  We then recommend and support modern technologies that can help them reach those goals faster.

Expert Experience

 We have been in business for over a decade.  We can utilize those experiences to support a wide range of technologies from Linux, Windows, Cloud and everything between.

When you want results instead of excuses

Tech Support Services that Work with Your Schedule

BeCloud's support personnel seek to solve issues quickly and with little fanfare. But we are not afraid to wow customers by creatively meeting their needs in ways that go above and beyond.

One example is our maintenance schedules.  Many times, our engineers and technicians will schedule upgrades and maintenance routines after hours or over the weekend at no extra charge to prevent impacting normal business operations.

We learn what applications and services are critical to your operations.  We put in automated checks to catch issues before your employees are scheduled to come into work.  Those checks allow us to resolve most issues before they can ruin a good start to your day.

We excel in customer service because we truly care about our customers.

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Great Customer IT Support Service

Proactive IT support through our Managed Service Solutions

Excellent phone support

Friendly and prompt phone support from help desk personnel  headquartered out of Jackson, MS. There job is to ensure you get the right resolution to your issue even if it has to be escalated to Level II or III engineers.

Data driven

Our entire team records customer interactions, software, and hardware particulars in our databases.  This data is periodically reviewed to see what can be done to enhance customer experience and proactively resolve common issues. 

Excellent follow up

Your support request and feedback will be followed up on.  We appreciate your business and earn customer continued trust by keeping our promises, focusing on great relationships and listening to our customers.

Accurate solutions to real IT issues

Our IT support solves the real problems

Our goal is to enable our customers to have one request for support instead of a time consuming and frustrating back and forth.  We utilize customer data including customer ticket histories to find solutions that will resolve the root cause of support calls.  

We understand that customers want assistance by knowledgeable technicians without long phone queues and automated phone directories that transfer your calls incorrectly.  Our human manned help desk located in Jackson, MS is armed with the tools to get your issues resolved efficiently most times remotely and under a hour. 

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