Improve Operational Readiness for Windows Server

The reliability of your systems, services, and applications has a direct impact on business success

BeCloud will improve your business operational readiness by enabling high reliability by implementing modern operational practices.

More than an annoyance

Reliability issues of server systems has a very real impact on employees and organizations.  Poor operation practices can cause your organization to lose:

  • Money: lost business revenues, lost worker productivity, overtime pay
  • Time: outages are unplanned work that takes away from other profitable work
  • Reputation: customers are quick to lose patience and switch to a competitor when a service seen to be flaky or slow
  • Health: interrupted sleep, family and vacation time are disturbed, the inability to get caught up takes a physical and psychological tool
  • Hiring: word gets out that your work environment is unpleasant.  Talented candidates will not apply.

BeCloud monitoring

The monitoring that our Managed IT customers receive is the foundation for improving the reliability of your systems.  No matter if you are running in the cloud or on premise we can proactively resolve many issues. When a system goes down and customers are impacted, BeCloud has a standard process that is effective at triaging the problem and getting the right resources engaged.  We then move to quickly mitigating the issue.  At the same time we communicate with the stakeholders with frequent and timely updates about the problem.

Post-incident review

We learn from system failures by going through the logs and collectively investigating the real cause of the outage.  This root cause analysis allows us to prevent the failure going forward and is crucial to enhance reliability.  We also review how good we were at catching the problem before it can cause an outage.

Improve systems

After the post-incident analysis we test and deploy improvements to our monitoring and processes.  A customer cannot tell if the system outage was do to a software bug or the ability of the system to scale relative to the workload. If it is due to scaling, we will make recommendations to the customer to increase hardware resources that will ultimately improve reliability.

BeCloud Provide high value managed services

Join us to improve the reliability of your systems!

James Phipps 17 November, 2021
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