Proactive remediation

Cybersecurity remediation preferred approach

At the IT company in Jackson we recommend periodic security audits and proactive monitoring before an issue arises.  This allows us to hopefully prevent or decrease would be damage caused by cyberattacks, virus and malware.

 When doing security audits and deploying our SecureIT managed services we utilize the NIST governmental security framework.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

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Cybersecurity Remediation Steps

Close Security Gaps 

Determine access violations, remove immediate threats and protect logs for forensic analysis.

Restore Services 

Restore data and services from backups, clean all compromised systems.

Enable Security

Implement action plan for continued monitoring, upgrades of applications, hardware and networks.

Reactive remediation

Cybersecurity Remediation Speed

If your business comes under attack by hackers or data is encrypted, response time is crucial.  Data and service restoration while simultaneously protecting relevant log files and drives for forensic analysis is crucial.  

BeCloud has helped businesses recover from such events and we bring emergency resources to the problem to get your business back in operation quickly. 

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Close System Vulnerabilities

Safely implement necessary changes

Save time and money

We work hard to get your systems secured because downtime equals lost money, reputation, and ultimately customers.

Efficient Solutions

Our engineers, technicians and security personnel takes your business security seriously by being proactive and efficient.

Great Partners

We have great partnerships with serveral security vendors that gives us the capacity to handle complicated security with ease.