Customer Driven Services

Customers have higher expectations from service providers than ever before!

BeCloud meets and exceeds customer expectations by utilizing cloud technologies.


Customers expect access to corporate data 24/7 with no down time.  All of this from any device they choose, iPhone, Android, or Tablet.  To make this happen systems have to be managed on highly redundant and agile infrastructure because maintenance windows can be shortened or non existent.  In 2013, BeCloud hosted email servers in private data centers. But, we had attorneys that where faster to alert us of an outage than our monitoring systems even at 11:00 P.M.  At BeCloud, we had to adjust and change to meet the new demands.

The Cloud

We decommissioned our very expensive infrastructure and migrated customers as fast as we could to what is now Microsoft 365.  We realized that we could not compete with Microsoft Data Center's performance nor the cost at scale they could provide.  We can now meet our customer expectations of performance, cost, scale, functionality, and availability by managing email infrastructure running in Microsoft Data Centers in the form of Software as a Service(SaaS).  This is just one example of how BeCloud has had to move quickly and adapt to increasing customer demands as far back as 2013.  Are you making similar decisions?

Our Top 4 Priorities

We have four critical priorities that allows us to exceed customer expectations by offering exceptional customer service.

 Is your current service provider exceeding your   expectations?

 If not, sign up with Becloud!


James Phipps 15 November, 2021
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