IT Security is Improbable
without executive buy in

Risk management is the goal

The goal of a BeCloud security audit is to identify risk.  Once those risk are identified custom safeguards are recommended to prevent bad thinks from happening.  The audit results is a custom set of solutions for identified risk. For example, some business may have daily backups with five days worth of data backup archives.  But for another company who writes a ton of records every hour that daily backup would not suffice.  For that situation hourly or twice daily could be a more appropriate recommendation.

Management buy-in

At BeCloud we have completed security audits and made follow up proposals to correct issues hundreds of times for our customers.  Our most successful partners value the risk points exposed by auditing and subsequently work with us to implement solutions.  They realize that IT security accounts for 50% of the total information security requirements.  The business side of the organization must take part in establishing policies and procedures that complement implemented security safeguards through technology. Many security incidents are caused by users clicking on misleading emails or trusting unvetted applications and websites. Those type of incidents require additional diverse safeguards other than technology, such as awareness training and clearly defined policies and procedures.

Your IT staff is very important to the process of securing your environment but they cannot achieve much if corporate executives don't support security policies. For example, if a policy is setup to protect  confidential documents by moving them to a secure file store but management does not follow through on requiring this for all employees what good is the audit that identified the risk?  Top management should be prepared to do the following in support of security audit results:

  • provide enough money and human resources to resolve security issues
  • set the business objectives for securing information
  • do periodic reviews of issue resolution and results
  • set clear expectations and responsibilities for all stakeholders

BeCloud is your partner in reaching your risk reduction objectives. We understand the technology but need management buy-in to implement lasting improvements.

Get you network security audited today

Take network security seriously only a top down approach will do.

James Phipps 29 October, 2021
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