Quality Troubleshooting equals great customer experiences

Here at BeCloud we realize that technology is the tool that enables work.  When that tool is broken or configured incorrectly it affects your ability to get your job done efficiently. That is why BeCloud utilizes a fully staffed Jackson MS. headquartered help desk and engineering team to constantly monitor and manage your critical infrastructure.  For our Managed Services customers we do a one hundred point check of your infrastructure usually before 9 A.M.  Our goal is to make sure your workday is hassle-free from technology outages.  

Great Customer Service

If you still happen to have an issue throughout the day you can rest assured knowing that we are just a trouble ticket away.  You can issue a support ticket by phone, email, website or in the near future our mobile app.  Our helpdesk personnel are trained to resolve your issue quickly or escalate it to our engineers. At BeCloud we have special tools at our disposal to streamline troubleshooting.  No expense has been spared to insure high quality and speedy recovery from system failures no matter if they are caused by hardware, software, internet, cloud or user errors.  In addition we maintain partnerships and special knowledge through regular training when dealing with medical, legal and professional services applications, hardware and cloud services.  This all translates to a second-to-none efficiency when getting your technology stack back to working condition.

Not limited to remote support

For our clients located within 200 miles of our headquarters in Jackson MS. or in the Dallas, Fort Worth area we can dispatch a technician or engineer onsite to handle issues that cannot be fixed remotely.  Included in our Managed Services fees at no extra charge a technician or engineer is dispatched within an hour. Now that is great customer responsiveness. 

High expectations for customer service

The secret behind our fast response is proactive maintenance.  We try our best to resolve issues behind the scenes before an unplanned outage interrupts your day.  We are constantly evolving software robots to handle mundane maintenance tasks.  This allows our engineers and technicians to focus on the occasional support fire and\or projects we have on the table. BeCloud can handle support issues and projects on a consistent basis with minimal staff while excelling over other Managed Service Providers when it comes to responsiveness. 

We value customer feedback

At the end of the day, we care about our customers and take great pride in enabling technology to help them grow. We listen and learn from all our customer engagements.  Your business is not just a number or a sales quote.  We genuinely want all our customers to experience smooth and transformational technology services.  

James Phipps 8 November, 2021
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